The future of waste management

WiSort is an innovative organization which develops high-tech hardware and software solutions for improving the quality of waste while optimizing the user’s experience

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WiSort at Citelligent 2021

Wisort has shown its prototype to the public for the first time. There could not be a better place than the event "Citelligent – Solutions for the City of Tomorrow". We thank Savisio AG and the Castle of Lenzburg for giving us this opportunity. Either you joined us or you missed the date, if you want to support us take the survey.

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Our Functioning Prototype

Wisort’s functioning prototype has already been constructed. Due to simplicity reasons, waste must be inserted one item at time inside WiSort first prototype. Results recorded until now show the great potential of the Artifical Intelligence algorithm and of the technology employed. WiSort team is currently bringing on the validation with potential customers in Lenzburg and the prototype is developing and becoming more and more customer centric.
This is not the final product. The new prototype is currently under construction.

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WiSort Autonomous Sorter

Wisort’s autonomous sorter is an intelligent waste separator (no labour required) powered by artificial intelligence and computer vision to sort recyclable household waste with 90% rate of accuracy. This can be done more efficiently at low speed (low volume of trash to sort over a long period of time) because the sorting operation is done locally in a decentralized way. The sorter is able to recognize the user through our App and allow the person to dispose of the unsorted garbage all at one time. Trash is then classified, sorted, weighted and disposed of in separate containers accordingly.

WiSort Mobile App

Wisort’s gamification app is a companion mobile/web application for product engagement, gamification and social awareness. It also enables the user to set challenges for reducing the quantity of trash disposed of or even their overall impact in CO2 emissions. Using the App, users can track the historic record of disposed waste that is weighted and segregated by the Sorter receiving real-time feedbacks

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WiSort Customer Experience

Sorting trash is boring and tedious, but thanks to WiSort sustainability finally meets a customer centric system.

  • Save Time and Effort

    WiSort is completely autonomous, saving our customer 36.5 hours per year.

  • Improve Sustainability

    Customers can track the trash disposed of and have a positive impact on the sustainability.

  • Save Money

    Through punctual taxation, our customer will save money thanks to virtuous behaviours.


WiSort Team

Ermes Zamboni

Mechanical Engineer with a focus on Prototyping and Production. He has international experience in the fields of CAD and CFD analysis

Marco Beretta

Management engineer with a passion for entrepreneurship and sustainability. Head of Public Relations with Public Administration and Partners

Nikhil Prakash

Geoinformatics engineer currently pursuing Ph.D. from ETH Zurich, focusing on the development of deep-learning algorithms to aid satellite image interpretations.

Huimin Zhao

Mechanical Engineer, studying Virtual Prototyping. She has strong innovation capabilities, with PCT patents and EI paper. She also excels at CAD and CAE

WiSort is expanding

Our team understand the value of cooperation and we are always open to consider partnership and sinergies

Frequently Asked Questions

The future of waste management

We know it can be difficult to trust this new kind of technology. This is why we are working hard in order to find ways to customize our solution on our customers' peculiar needs. We are also very open to dialogue and truly intrested in hearing feedbacks.

Moreover, our innovation doesn't stop at householde waste. We are also considering routes like partnerships with recycling companies, logistic providers and municipalities for the implementation of a Pay As You Throw (PAYT) system for residents and eventually the creation of smart cities.

If you think that you could be intrested in these subjects, please consider contacting us through our dedicate email address.

What are your vision and mission?

Vision - WiSort believes in the need for change for a more sustainable future for the generations to come. Waste is one of the aspects the society tends to forget more easily. That is why WiSort wants to bring a sustainable shift in this industry and in the society by enabling the capture of waste’s value, nowadays lost.

Mission - WiSort is an innovative organization which develops high-tech hardware and software solutions for improving the quality of waste, optimizing the user’s experience while providing quantitative data and rewards for a better and more sustainable separate collection.

Why is WiSort better than others?

WiSort has the ability of being very close to the customers, tracking waste consumption punctually and creating a scalable rewarding system.

WiSort reduces dramatically the time and effort spent by residents during their everyday separate collection but still letting them being aware of the quality and quantity of the disposed waste.

How does the autonomous sorter work?

We are truly sorry, but we cannot disclose such information. However if you'd like to get to know better our solution, we would be happy to schedule a meeting in order to answer to your curiosities.

Where is WiSort operating?

WiSort team has a very open and international mindset, having had direct experiences in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Portugal. We are currently developing our solution between Italy and Switzerland, but we are also in contact with different institution around Europe open to future collaborations.

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